“I am looking for busy professionals who want to transform their physique while having energy through out the day for what matters most.”

Why Other Programs Haven’t Worked For You…

I understand that you may have tried diets or fitness plans before. Maybe they even got you some progress at first. The real question is were you able to sustain that program and it results?

Because what’s the point of a program if you just end up gaining the weight back and un-doing your progress?

To put it simply, most programs out there suck. They don’t fit YOUR body, YOUR schedule, or YOUR preferences. They are often just cookie-cutter plans built on pseudoscience perpetuated by the industry.

Think about it. Most of what you need to know is out there on the internet, yet you may have not reached your dream body…yet.


Why IQphysique Is The Answer…

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Hamaad Bhat, and I started IQphysique to help busy professionals take control of their life whether that is losing fat, building muscle, or just feeling more confident when they take their shirt off at the beach. This is all while complementing their busy work schedule and desire to spend time with their families.

So many high-performers fall into the all-or-nothing trap. I am here to tell you that you can transform your physique and life while…

having even more energy for your busy work schedule,

spending time with loved ones,

and eating ice cream.


What is Online Coaching?

Online coaching just means that I provide you with everything you need to accomplish your fitness goals, except we do it online. Here's why online coaching can work better than personal training.

1) You get more than personal training alone– Personal training usually just provides training sessions, but individual training sessions alone are not enough for you to reach your goals. You need an intelligently-designed training program that is consistently refined rather than just a few sessions with a trainer. You need a proper nutrition protocol that actually fits your lifestyle yet allows your to optimally reach your goals. You need proper guidance and the ability to increase your knowledge at any time of day. Online coaching provides all of that plus more.

2) You’re not constrained to one location– Being stuck in one location means you only have access to the local trainers who are probably not the best. It also means you don’t have as much flexibility to choose who to work with and what what times. With online coaching, you have the ability to work with me at any time, from anywhere.

3) It is much more affordable Most personal trainers cost upwards of $80 per HOUR. While online coaching is more affordable, it is even more effective considering I am there for you 24/7 and provide you with nutrition coaching, constant accountability, and give you a ton of extra content and guides.


What You Get

Individualized Nutrition Program

No cookie-cutter meal plans here. Your nutritional program will be based on your experience level, lifestyle, and preferences. Some people will be coached based on their eating habits. We have some clients who make the best progress with meal templates or a portion-size method to allow structure while having flexibility in their food choices. Others may be given calorie and macronutrient targets. The common theme with all the approaches are that they're individualized and allow you to fit in some dessert into your daily food intake, guilt-free!


Custom Training Program

Most trainers give out cookie-cutter programs that do not take into account your own preferences and body. With IQphysique, you will receive an individualized training program that fits your schedule and lifestyle and allows you to reach your goals in an optimal manner. You will have access to videos for every single movement. Your program will be changed at least every 4-6 weeks. It is important not to change your program too often to allow proper progression.


Cardio Program

There is a delicate balance between cardio and strength training. We want enough cardio so you are healthy and can assist fat loss but not so much that it interferes with strength training performance and recovery. At the same time, you will only be doing cardio that you actually enjoy. There is no need to have you on the treadmill for 2 hours every day.


Weekly Check-Ins

Every week, we will have a scheduled check-in. This includes filling out a quick check-in form so that I can adjust your program based on your feedback. This is also when you may send progress photos or technique videos for me to analyze.


Unlimited 24/7 Access

I am here to literally eliminate all your guesswork. You can message or call me at anytime. So when you go out to eat or just need questions answered, I am there. When you need a push, I am there. When you feel down, I am there.


Facebook Community

As a member of IQphysique, you will get access to a Facebook community along with the rest of the IQphysique family. Here, you get exclusive content and support from others who are pushing along their fitness journeys too.


E-books & More Content

You will receive exclusive content like the Lean Kitchen Guide to instruct you how to approach nutrition and what to eat and the Meal Idea Master List to provide a bunch of meal suggestions. You will also get all e-books and programs for absolutely free, including the IQ Meal Builder, a custom meal building program.

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What Now?

If you are ready to get started or would like more information first, fill out the quick application below. Then we will schedule a free consultation to get acquainted and discuss the coaching process. If you agree to proceed as a client, we can get started achieving your goals once and for all.

I do not discuss pricing/packages prior to the consultation to ensure we are a good match. You will get that info during the consultation. 

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