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My name is Hamaad, and I have struggled growing up as an awkward, shy kid try to transform the scrawny boy I once was. From the age of 5 to about 14, I was in love with soccer, but I eventually became disinterested. I dabbled in basketball and track in high school as well. To say I sucked would be an understatement. By nature, I am a competitive person who is hungry to be the best at what I do. The problem was I had nothing to focus on besides school until the very end of high school which is when I began consistently training in the gym. As many do, I made the mistake of taking advice from misinformed “bros” on bodybuilding.com and at my gym.

I have went through training program after training program trying to build muscle and get a six pack. I have restricted my carbs so that I eat boring foods and cannot enjoy myself, let alone sustain the diet. I have limited my food intake so much that I end up just being hungry all the time yet looking the same because I would end the week with a binge. I have said “I can’t eat that” to too many damn foods that I love. Well, this is how I used to look a few years back.

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Yeah. Not terrible but not too impressive either considering I was working out nearly every day. I was scrawny and weak, but I still could not get that ripped like I wanted. I was sick and tired of spinning my wheels and making ZERO progress. I was never super athletic. I don’t have the best genetics. However, I never once gave up and used the excuse that my genetics suck. I kept learning, and let me tell you…there is a heck of a lot to learn.

I am not one to complain, so I sucked it up and put in the work. Now, I don’t mean I pushed myself in the gym because I already had been doing so. I started to put in work on the knowledge side of things. This is where most people get it wrong. They think they have to just push themselves physically when in my opinion, the largest struggle is mental.


One day, fed up with my lack of progress, I started reading. And I mean reading a lot. I started reading every article I could find. I watched every YouTube video possible. I was barely beginning college, so I had the time to indulge. I think it is safe to say that I was obsessed. Well, after spending hours and hours each day doing research…I still could not make progress. Yup, pretty much looked the same after countless months of hard work.


I was not slow to realize the abundance of misinformation and conflicting advice. Why? Because nobody knows what the hell they are talking about. No matter how lean or muscular someone is, it is not necessarily indicative of their knowledge. People do something a certain way and get results, then think they have found the key and know the best ways of achieving your goals. This is when I started “studying smarter”.

Instead of reading bodybuilding.com, I began reading books by scientists and renowned coaches, reading textbooks, listening to podcasts, started following scientists on every social media platform possible, began analyzing scientific literature, etc. After hundreds and hundreds of hours of research, results started to appear:

Back in the summer of 2016 when results first started appearing.

Back in the summer of 2016 when results first started appearing.


Now, almost 5 years after the first photo, I am bigger, stronger, and leaner than I have ever been. And the results keep coming. A lot has happened since these pictures I have showed you. I have grown not just physically, but mentally. I embrace a flexible approach to nutrition based on research, not on fads. I am skeptical to new information but open-minded enough to consider and objectively evaluate it. I program training based on the needs of the individual in combination with research and info by some of the best in the field such as Dr. Brad Schoenfeld, 3DMJ, Dr. Mike Israetel, Greg Knuckols, Dr. Layne Norton, and that is just to name a few. Remember when I mentioned I was obsessed? Well now it is my passion, not just an obsession.


The fitness industry is a saturated industry. Unfortunately, it is saturated with more nonsense than quality information. From snake oil salesmen to biased meat-heads who think they have all the knowledge in the world, the fitness scene needs reforming. That is why I created IQphysique. I am here to help spread as much quality, evidence-based information as I can. If you are on this page, hopefully you would like to take your physique, strength, or health to the next level while learning sustainable practices to achieve the body you desire. No unrealistic promises. No crash dieting. No BS. Only sustainable, real-world progress based on science and its practical application in real life.